Not long ago I moved online in a chatroom with a few 50-something females and questioned them some online dating concerns.

This is actually the third of a three-part blog on females over 50 dating.

Can you like online dating men within age groups or earlier guys?

Cindy: I have come across some incredible looking more mature males. But I do like males closer to my generation.

Kat: I have come across some incredible looking more mature guys also. I’ve for ages been attracted to older guys.

Pam: I met a guy a-year over the age of myself using the internet, I like him alot while he looks older than me personally. This is the guys fifteen years older than me personally appear 25 years more mature You will find a problem with! I don’t value “looks” as with typically good-looking. But I really don’t need to day some body that looks like he is my father.

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Sherry: I prefer to didn’t value this if about years younger than me…but, now that Im older plus my personal 60′s…we changed my mind…because my …BOD… ALTERED as well !!!….hahahaha

Do you actually discover guys within their 50s tend to be intimate, or perhaps not a whole lot?

Pam: i have hardly ever obtained past a first-meet go out in years. On the dudes inside their fifties and 1960s I eliminated away using the finally couple of years, they frequently no longer have actually just one intimate bone tissue in their bodies. Most likely why they might be single.

Cindy: Romance is really what 2 men and women enable it to be or allow it to be. If you have the biochemistry causing all of the primary factors in a relationship. Romance tends to be from the maps amazing, no matter what how old you are. I believe some men can handle being pleased with one woman they like.

Sherry: 58 yr old whon’t even open up the entranceway for me…67 year old exactly who invited me on an expensive getaway making me personally pay my own personal method (once I informed him I’dn’t skied in years because it cost too much).

Perform people publish their current image on online dating services?

Kat: i could only speak in my situation and mine are current. I’m delighted and content with which Im while men dislike it, oh well.

Cindy: we post current pictures. No reason to lie or attempt to adjust. Facts usually comes out

Sherry: whenever guys try to avoid conference you …it’s since they are lying about their profile …or their unique picture is indeed outdated! Men want to hold old photos…some are decade old of by themselves in right here

What can you are doing differently dating-wise in the event that you could go back into the 20s?

Cindy: actually, i really do perhaps not imagine I would. I believe I have lived my life really and I have the good fresh fruit to exhibit for this. I like my entire life. I am quite happy with whom I will be and in which I will be within my life. I hope that when i actually do meet up with the man i am going to wed they are just as content material in his. However, after satisfying me he’ll understand Im the lacking

Pam: i’d “pick better” in this my husband was not a very good option. I happened to be 28 though and believed I became running out of time. I didn’t have numerous to select from. He was one multi-date in many years and I also just latched onto him. We saw which the guy actually was, for the first time, the weekend we had been hitched. By seven days later, I knew I would made a large mistake. But we caught it out and worn out to really make it work.

Kat: I would personallynot have completed such a thing various. My personal mom said love is actually blind, but relationship truly starts your eyes.